Prandelli: 'Galatasaray b农村现在投资什么好项目赚钱roke promises'

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There have also been reports Galatasaray won’t fire Prandelli because of a clause costing the club €3m to terminate his employment early, but the Coach responded to those too.

“Here I have to say something. My contract is not connected to any conditions. On the contrary, I came here to win. Not to make money. My past is very clear. I always take my own responsibility and I always expect nothing in return. 

“We accept that. We took on the job, we continued to work to get the maximum from the team we have. To understand what the challenges are with a large group is difficult. After the start of the Premier League and Champions League, we understood it would not be easy, but we were not demoralised.

Cesare Prandelli insists he is not at Galatasaray “for the money,” hit back at critics and revealed broken promises.

“The President criticised the quality of our game first, then resigned without much explanation. The new management ideas and a strong will to overcome this difficult situation took a previous administration's legacy. And now they are working hard to rectify this situation.”

“Just 20 days after the signature, I was told we do not have such an economic power. The President himself has continued to propose other names by saying overcome this situation. You know what happened next.

“Our former President convinced me with a very important and innovative project to become one of Europe’s top clubs.

“I would like to clarify certain issues,” the former Italy and Fiorentina Coach told GS TV.
“First, I accept all constructive criticism, and here I want to say again that I came to achieve an important goal.

Meanwhile, Fiorentina patron Diego Della Valle denied  only working for money.

“After starting there was talk of Pato, Ibarbo, Doria, Balanta, Marcelo, Douglas, we began to negotiate for the t澳门外围投注ransfer of players like Campbell and So网上21点ng. And at least two of these names we want to add to our team. 

“I work hard to achieve success here, I want to thank everyone who contributed. And I still believe that we can achieve it.”