Tevez: &#03基金项目是怎么赚钱的9;Bad pitch helped me!'

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This was Apache’s first Champions League away goal since February 2008 at Lyon and he scuffed the finish, but it bounced网上21点 into the empty net anyway.

“It was a strange finish in the end. I sort of hit it with my heel. I had to kick it quickly rather than control, as I didn’t know how it would bounce.”

“In the first half we did not play well, while after Llorente’s goal the game opened up. We are Juventus21点官网n>, we must always keep on growing and improving. We can do better, though tonight the important thing was to win.

The 2-0 result means Juventus will qualify for the knockouts with a point at home to Atletico Madrid, while a victory by two clear goals would even allow them to top the group.

“The pitch was really not good, but it actually favoured me on the goal. So I can’t complain!” he told Sky Sport Italia.

Carlos Tevez admits the dire Malmo pitch &ldq六合投注网站uo;actually favoured me” on the goal as

“There is a lot of pressure, but we players must prove we are enjoying ourselves on the field, as that helps us to play better. It is also important to enjoy yourself in order to lessen the pressure.”