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“Are we stronger than in the past? We can get there. The football is changing after three years and we are adapting better and better. The Coach asks me to carry the ball forward or run into spaces opened up by the strikers. When we defend, I need to get closer to Pirlo. I like playing this way, as I am closer to the goal.

“I always feel decisive and im线上足球投注portant for this Juventus. I know I haven’t been at 100 per cent with this knee, but I work every day to reach my peak.”

Vidal has scored three Serie A goals this season, but if it weren’t for his missed penalty in the 3-2 victory over Olympiacos, Juve would already be through to the Champions League knockouts.

“The Granata supporters also speak to me and say: ‘Please Arturo, don’t play!’ I hope we’ll win, obviously, as it’s too important for the table and everything that comes after this game, including the Champions League.”

“The only reason I haven’t scored more is my knee. I returned late after the World Cup and that also made it difficult to find form. I always want to play and won’t ever complain about my injuries, so if you see me leave the field before the end it means I have really hurt myself.

“I’ve never lost the Turin derby either. It’s fiery, passionate and the fans make you feel how important it is even when you’re walking around the city. Juventini tell me: ‘Careful now, don’t get this wrong…’

“If we go out of the Champions League, it’ll be a scandal, but I 皇冠外围投注never think about that penalty, just as I don’t think about great goals. I am someone who always looks ahead.

The Derby della Mole kicks off on Sunday at 17.00 GMT,

“I have never lost a local derby in my career. That’s fortunate, because if you lose a Santiago derby, you’d best not be seen outdoors for a good two or three days,” the Chile international told La Stampa newspaper.

Vidal’s on-going knee problems had led some to believe his time at Juventus was coming to an end, but he is confident that he can still shine.

“I want to play, I’m in good shape and happy to be back. It’s important for me and for Juventus to be included in the FIFPro list of world’s best midfielders with Pirlo and Pogba. If you have three players in that list, it means you’re doing something right.”

“This is the moment to push forward, as we have a great squad and can achieve important things. We have to push for top spot in the group, as that can make the difference in the draw and our mentality going forward.”

Arturo Vidal warns Torino he has “never lost a local derby” and his Juventus confidence remains rock-solid.

The Bianconeri have improved considerably since scrapping Antonio Conte’s 3-5-2 system for four at the back.