‘Unfair climate against Mazzarri’

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Juan Jesus believes that Walter Mazzarri received an unfair amount of criticism for Inter’s struggles, whilst he hopes to impress Roberto Mancini.

Speculation has been that Juan may be used at left-back by the new Coach.

“Am I sorry for Mazzarri? Very much, because I was always playing… It was not his fault, but that of everyone, the players and the club.

“Everything collapsed with the 4-1 defeat to Cagliari, but that day had nothing to do with Mazzarri – we went wrong in the field, there was the wrong attitude, we committed inconceivable errors for Serie A.

“But now you will see that Mancini will be respected by everyone.”

“I皇冠外围投注n fact, 网络外围投注in Europe you are more patient than we are in Brazil – at Internacional of Porto Alegre I had three Coaches in two years, and other clubs will change Coach three times a year and it’s normal. It’s quicker to change the Coach than the whole team, right?

“I’m 23, and if I play until I am 40 like Zanetti then another 17 years in my career could see me do it.”

“I will play even in goal if he wants. The other Coaches at Inter have always believed in me and I hope that it is the same with Mancini, who is a great Coach – his track record speaks for itself.

“And Mazzarri ended up disliked by the fans? Perhaps even too much. There was created an absurd atmosphere. In some games, like the one against Saint-Etienne, it seemed like we were the away side.

The Nerazzurri took action last Friday to address declining form by changing their Coach, which for one of their defenders, is unfortunately part of the game.

“From the pitch we players can see everything and the whistles always propagated from the same area of the ground to the rest of the stadium. The Curva always supported the Coach, they 在线外围投注told us a year ago that they were on our side.

“Has the number of Coaches at Inter confused me? No, it’s football,” Juan Jesus has reflected to La Repubblica.

“My future? I want to have a career like that of Javier Zanetti. Nobody believed it was possible to overtake Giacinto Facchetti’s record and then…