Albertini: ‘Milan lack attachment’

“Then consider that he has come to Milan after two years in which he has played very little.

Albertini was asked about former Atletico Madrid teammate Fernando Torres, who is under scrutiny for his lack of goals so far with Milan.

Demetrio Albertini sees both Inter and Milan as works in progress, Fernando Torres as a George Weah-type, and the Rossoneri lacking a sense of attachment.

“In my day there were 14-15 players not only from the youth sector but of Milan. Times have changed, and they lack a sense of belonging and a真人外围投注n important project.”

But for one of the club’s former exponents in that position, it’s not the main vulnerability he sees in the Coach’s squad.

“I believe though that Milan are a work in progress, they have good players, but that in making many changes they have not allowed for a strong group to form.

“In this Milan六合投注网站 side they are missing a little the sense of attachment. It exists in their Coach, but not in certain players.

“I start with the fact that Milan and Inter will be led by two Coaches who I have wanted to see back on the field. Two outstanding players who are now Coaches.

“A goal in the derby could free him mentally and help him to be more effective in his work.”

“There are very few who are native to Milan, like Abbiati, Bonera, Abate and De Sciglio. There are few.

The Diavolo are under Pippo Inzaghi’s stewardship this term and are notably short of numbers in midfield.

“When there is a technical change there is a reaction, whilst Mancini with his experience will reap the benefits. And he is added value for Inter.

“He is not an Inzaghi, who scores goals and that’s it. He is more a player like Weah, with different characteristics. He does not score 20 goals a season, but opens up space for others with his movements.

“The important thing is to have a little patience. He cannot return to his old physical condition at the blink of an eye.

“Fernando has been a great friend of mine for a while. He is a centre-forward who is a little unusual, in that he creates chances for other网上21点s.

“Do Milan need someone like me in midfield? We belong to our era. Each one has their own characteristics even if they play in my role,” Albertini considered to

“Inzaghi has so far fielded 11 teams and there could still be work to do. Milan can win the derby but both teams remain a work in progress. At this moment the derby is an important game, especially for the fans, but both must find the right team for the future.”

Up next for Milan is the derby with Inter.