FIGC limits 城市小本赚钱项目Serie A squads

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The FIGC notes these 澳门外围投注rules were voted on unanimously – apart from the Players’ Association AIC and Coaches’ Association AIAC – and are aimed at “seeking financial sustainability of clubs with consequent investment in national academies.”

There is already a limit on the number of non-EU players allowed in the squad, but now new rules have been imposed on the ‘replacement’ with a new entry.

Among the amendments passed today, Serie A clubs agreed to limit their squads 真人外围投注to no more than 25 players.

The FIGC passed new laws today limiting Serie A squads to 25 players, four of them growing up in Italy and four in their club academy.

These must include four who grew up in Italy and four who came through the club’s own youth academy.

The rules governing non-EU players have also changed, as a young player at his first registration must already be a resident in the country, to have come to Italy with his parents for non-sporting reasons an21点官网d been in school for at least four years.

There will be no limitations on the Under-21 players, as the vast majority of those in the country are Italian anyway.

A new non-EU player can only be brought in to replace another if he has already held a professional contract for at least three years, so since 2012.

The reforms will come into effect from 2016. They were proposed by new Federation President Carlo Tavecchio and formed the basis of his platform when running for election in August.

A new rule has also been introduced forcing clubs to pay towards the expenses of referees if an official is physically attacked.