Thuram on Ju王者荣耀赚钱灰色项目ve and Italy

线上足球投注 The former defender spoke to Radio 24 about many issues affecting Italian football at the moment.

Inter and Milan go face-to-face on Sunday evening with Roberto Mancini and Pippo Inzaghi at the helm.

“I hope for a great game with respect between the two sets of fans. Mancini returns to an environment he already knows well. Inzaghi hasn’t been coaching for long, but he can do well. I above all remember him for the goals he always scored against my teams…”

This week Antoni21点官网o Conte complained that clubs would not release players for international duty, but Thuram argues those directly involved have to do more.

“Conte’s Juventus won a great deal in Italy and struggled more in Europe. The road in Europe is difficult again this year, but I hope it can be the right season for them,” said the Frenchman.

“There has always been pressure from clubs, but the players are the ones who need to make the clubs understand that they really care about the national team and that it’s important for their careers.”

网络外围投注 Lilian Thuram hopes “this can be the right season” for Juventus in Europe, looks forward to the Milan Derby and urged players to favour the Nazionale.