Zanchi had Castan brain王者荣耀赚钱灰色项目 surgery

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“There’s no need for a protective cap either, as it was microsurgery.”

Zanchi had the same problem and the former Juventus, Vicenza, Verona and Messina player made a 在线外围投注full recovery.

“Already a week after the operation, I felt fine. Clearly the skull has to heal, so that takes around three or four months. In my view, Castan could be back playing again in April.

“I could’ve been back earlier, but a knee injury prevented it. After the operation I have to say the problem is 99.9 per cent resolved and you don’t feel any symptoms.

“It is still a brain operation and, in his bad luck, Castan was fortunate, because it’s something you can recover from.

There was shock today when Roma revealed Brazil international – a cluster of abnormal blood vessels in the brain that are prone to bleeding, which can spark dizzy spells and more serious issues.

“It happened to me when I was at Bologna. It requires patience and hope. In these situations football takes a back seat, as you just want to be well.”

“I had the operation in April 2003 and I returned to the field in October that same year,” 37-year网络外围投注-old Zanchi told news agency ANSA.

Zanchi explained the symptoms made it difficult to train, let alone play, as he’d feel nauseous, dizzy and kept losing his balance.

Roma defender Leandro 网上21点d=”1″>Castan needs brain surgery, but ex-Juventus man Marco Zanchi has been through the same thing.