‘Serie A a League of transit’

“What matters is the future. The past is behind us.”

Andrea Agnelli hopes to build Juventus around Paul Pogba and Arturo Vidal, despite complaining that the League has become one of ‘transit’ for stars.

Both midfielders have faced continued links with clubs 网上21点across Europe and are set for further speculation heading into the next few tra澳门外围投注nsfer windows.

“The League, however, has become one of transit.

“I've already said what I wanted to say about Conte in the letter that I sent him. When a person doesn’t want to stay in one place, their President must set them free.

“Max Allegri is our future, and he has the confidence of the entire club. He can be a path of growth for Juventus.

“The great champions join us, devote themselves and then go to one of the four or five major European teams.

“Our intention is to continue building the t线上足球投注eam around Pogba and Vidal,” Agnelli has considered this evening at an event.