Ghirardi王者荣耀充值赚钱项目 apologises to Parma

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“The continuation of the club is guaranteed. I apologise for the inevitable points penalty that will arrive soon.

“I admit my share of the responsibility. I apologise to the fans and the team, but I have never run away from a problem and I won’t do so now,” Ghirardi told La Gazzetta di Parma.

Ghirardi had been attempting to sell the皇冠外围投注 club by November 15, but the negotiations faltered.

&ld网络外围投注quo;We’ll be out of this economic situation by February, caused by a momentary lack of liquidity.”

Parma President Tommaso Ghirardi apologised to fans for the points penalty, but promised “we’ll be out 网上21点of this situation by February.”

The club will be docked at least one point after .