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The scandal of 2006 is back in the news after Agnelli suggested Moggi could continue to attend Juve games, as it was time to “forgive” his indiscretions.

Juventus President , but the Calciopoli 'kingpin' insists he “did nothing wrong.”

“He picked up the club during the most difficult moment of their history and brought them to the top again.”

“Andrea was close to Juventus in the 12 years I was at the Bianconeri, because he was always there with his father and therefore knows full well what my work involved.

“I thank the President for the positive words, even though I have nothing to be forgiven for,” Moggi told Tu皇冠外围投注ttomercatoweb.

“Agnelli is a President who knows what he wants and it’s no coincidence he took Juventus back to victory.

Moggi was found guilty of calling the refereeing designator in an attempt to influence the choice of official for various matches.

Neither then-director general Moggi nor Juventus<六合投注网站/span> were ever found guilty of – or charged with – match-fixing.