Zeman: &#0农村现在投资什么好项目赚钱39;Don't fear Napoli'

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Cagliari are without Marco Sau, Daniele Conti, Danilo Avelar and Simone Colombi.

“We are aware of the difficulties we will run into, but we mustn’t be afraid of Napoli. Rafa Benitez is a talented tactician and the four forwards are great players who can make the difference against anyone.


“It’s going to be a brand new defence. Without Avelar, then Murru becomes a possible option. Ibarbo could play as a centre-forward, giving few reference points to defenders, while Cossu out of his usual position would also surprise Napoli.

Zdenek Zeman is looking forward to Cagliari’s game at Napoli, as “they will give us more space to attack into.”

“I had a positive impact with the fans, but not with the club. It was a great place to work and it&真人外围投注rsquo;s a shame how things went. That wasn’t a team that deserved to go down.”

“What do Napoli lack compared to Juventus and Roma? Consistency. In order to be at the top, you need to be consistent, but they play one great game and one terrible one.”

Zeman is familiar with the Stadio San Paolo, as he was the Coach here in 2000, but lasted only six games before being fired.

“We’re still starting XI players and we hope to end with XI too.”

It kicks off at the Stadio San Paolo at 14.00 GMT on Sunday, .

Cagliari squad for Napoli: Carboni, Cragno, Balzano, Benedetti, Capuano, Ceppitelli, Murru, Pisano, Rossettini, Capello, Crisetig, Dessena, Donsah, Ekdal, Joao Pedro, Caio Rangel, Cossu, Farias, Ibarbo, Longo

“Napoli are a网上21点 great time, but they will give us more space to attack into and that allows us to play our sty六合投注网站le of football,” said the Coach in a Press conference.