Sold out基金项目是怎么赚钱的 Derby della Madonnina

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“It’s an important signal, as drums create atmosphere and never caused anyone harm,” leader of the Curva Sud Luca Lucci told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

There are also changes in the stands, as drums and loudspeakers are allowed back in for the ultras.

Milan-Inte在线外围投注r is completely sold out tonight, setting a new record, and there are also changes in the stands.

This sets a new record with revenue worth €3,324,594.

“The Milan derby has for some time been a fair and loyal encounter both in the stands and outside the stadium.”

All the tickets have already gone with an attendance of 79,121点官网73.

“They use them in Germany and other stadiums around the world, representing an image of clean fandom.

There will also be comedy duo Ale e Franz in the stands, with Ale 澳门外围投注leading the Inter chants and Franz among the Milan supporters.

It kicks off at 19.45 GMT, .

Drums and indeed any musical instruments had been barred from Italian stadiums since 2007, but the local authorities gave the all-clear for the derby.

All week the two clubs have been trying to ensure a relaxed atmosphere with a joint Twitter campaign asking opposing fans to take pictures together, called ‘Adopt a cousin.’