Zeman: 王者荣耀赚钱灰色项目'Who cares about defending?'

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“We were too tense in the first 20 minutes. It’s unusual to concede from a throw-in assist, but I guess nobody expected him to throw it that far.

This spectacular encounter at the Stadio San Paolo was typical Zemanlandia.

“I liked Benitez’s comments about me. He is a man of football and a man of sport. Napoli are very strong in attack, but for years have been missing a creative midfielder. Koulibaly has to do it and in my view he’s too far away from the strikers.

“This theory of the top team being the one that con六合投注网站cedes fewest goals is not true, just 在线外围投注look at Spain, Germany or England. As long as you score one more than the opposition, who cares?

“We have to play football, then results can come or not, but we will always compete. If we wait for what the opposition do, then that’s a mistake.<网络外围投注/p>

“It’s an important point for us and I liked the mentality, which proved if we play like this then we can trouble anyone,” the Coach told Sky Sport Italia.


Zdenek Zeman confirmed his philosophy after . “As long as you score more than the opposition, who cares?”

“I said they lack someone in the middle who starts the play and spreads the passes closer to the forwards than Koulibaly.”